Annual Maintenance Plan

Keep Your Crawl Space or Basement Healthy with Our Annual Inspection & Maintenance Plan

We all know that regular maintenance on your car and HVAC system can prevent major problems in the future. Well, the same is true for underneath your home. Regular maintenance significantly enhances the life of your foundation and/or waterproofing system. Moisture Loc offers a specialized Annual Inspection & Maintenance Plan designed to provide preventative care and service for your crawl space or basement.

Keep your crawl space dry all year round by signing up for our plan. Our technicians will provide an in-depth inspection of your lower living space and provide minor repairs, replace batteries, and ensure everything is running smoothly. After signing up, Moisture Loc will contact you annually to set up your appointment.


  • Sump Pump:Check operation & inspect outfall line.

  • Dehumidifier:Ensure it’s operating properly. Filters will be cleaned or replaced if necessary.

  • 电池更换:Batteries replaced in humidity meter.

  • Moisture Reading:Area is checked for any sign of moisture or water. Exposed floor joists are checked for moisture levels in crawl spaces.

  • Crawl Space Liner:Checked for integrity. Minor holes/tears will be repaired

  • Thorough Examination:Updates/changes to the crawlspace or basement condition will be provided & any recommendations that could improve conditions.

  • Annual Photos:Photos taken for yearly comparisons and provided to the client upon request.

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