Basement Waterproofing Solutions & Systems

Basement waterproofing is utilized when there is standing water or moisture in your basement. Water and moisture in your basement can potentially cause great damage to your home, so it is important to get the issue repaired before it gets worse. It can lead tomold and mildew issues, musty odors, or even foundation cracks andhth官网 .Without basement waterproofing, the smallest leaks can lead to expensive repairs. Moisture Loc is here to provide expert advice and to effectively prevent and repair the moisture in your basement.

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The Ultimate Basement Waterproofing System

If you have water coming into your basement, we will often recommend ourbasement panel system.这个系统包括一个沟排水the perimeter of your basement and attaching a fiberglass panel to the walls. The panel collects the water that would normally seep into your wall, directs it to the trench, and carries the water away through the drain.

basement waterproofing

Install Drain Along the Perimeter
First, we place a drain along the perimeter of the basement to collect water inside the basement and direct it outside of the home. This is done by removing concrete around the perimeter of the basement and digging a trench. A drain pipe is then placed in the trench and covered with stone.

Place Panels Directly On Walls
An antimicrobial panel is then attached to the wall. This panel collects water as it seeps through the wall, then directs that water into the drain below. This panel is made of an inorganic material that will not grow mold or mildew.

basement waterproofing

Place Concrete to Cover Drain
Concrete is then poured over the new drain system in order to restore it back to its original surface. This is more aesthetically pleasing than having a drain exposed, especially if you have a finished basement.

Install Sump Pump & Basin
A sump pump is then tied into the drain system in order to collect the water that is collected. The sump pump automatically discharges water outside when it reaches a certain level.


Moisture Loc has the expertise to provide a permanent waterproofing solution to rid your basement of wet walls, moisture, and mold. Request afree consultationfrom one of our experienced technicians and ensure your basement stays dry and clean.

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