新Constructi密封空间住宅on Homes

总climatizatio密封爬行空间提供n of the crawl space, so a future homeowner will not have to worry about high moisture & humidity levels or future mold issues.

Installing a sealed crawl space for a residential construction project will guarantee a moisture-free environment, sparing the home and homeowners from a variety of health issues, hazards, and structural damages that are a result of excessive moisture.

Residential Construction Sealed Crawl Space

  • 20-Mil Poly Liner Added Along Crawl Space Walls & Floor

  • 20-Mil Poly Added Around Crawl Space Cement Blocks

  • Liner Taped, Caulked & Sealed

  • Insulation Added To Crawl Space Walls

  • Additonal 20-Mil Poly Sealed Over Wall Insulation

  • Dehumidifier Installation

Adding a sealed crawl space to a home during construction is beneficial for home buyers, home builders and residential construction professionals across the Charlotte NC area. A sealed crawl space improves energy efficiency throughout the entire home, as temperatures are more stable compared to the traditional vented crawl space. This will result in lower utility costs and lower recurring maintenance costs for the home buyer.

If you have any questions about a sealed crawl space for your residential construction project, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our professional staff will be happy to help you with the best solution for your new construction. We are committed to your satisfaction, and to providing excellent workmanship on every project. So go ahead and plan your residential construction crawl space with Moisture Loc!

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